Funding Circle's Rebrand

Funding Circle's homepage image placed in a smarphone

A global brand

The main challenge of this project was to design a global brand that was consistent across all geographies where Funding Circle is present: Germany, The Netherlands, The USA and UK.

The consistency factor was always an issue, since Funding Circle started in the UK and acquired two other companies to enter in the German, American and Dutch markets. Meaning that we had three different platforms, with different code base and three design teams.

The project took place for more than a year, involving market research, brand conception and designing all other print and web pieces.

We reworked completely imagery, typography – including a new personalized font – colours, logo and brand message.

Brand strategy was developed by Rooster Punk, all other design work by Funding Circle's internal team. My main duties were to design for German and Dutch markets and all offices' walls.

Funding Circle Logo

New photography, new typography

Natural and inspiring case studies. That's how we treat photography. We had case studies before, but our focus was on the borrowers, proud of their businesses. Now we capture them not only proud, but doing what they do best, every day: Taking care of their companies.

"Made To Do More". It means that we connected businesses owners, investors and the people working at Funding Circle with a driven positive attitude to work and life, full filled with a lot of determination.

Based on featured elements and fonts that would work well with both numbers and good readability we introduced Roboto and Amasis to our style, but font that creates a real connection with our message is the Self Made Sans – a font made of employee and clients finger prints.

Made To Do More
A photo of a surfer smiling. There is a mask highlighting his face with a shape of a quadrant, connecting Funding Circle's logo.
A young woman crossing the street with a natural smile
A business owner taking care of a bicicle in a bike shop
A young man working in a kitchen with chocolates.

Funding Circle 2.0

Our global design and front-end team work with components inside a custom front-end framework that was updated to match our new needs.

Funding Circle's Dutch website examples


All offices received a facelift using Funding Circle's brand values and inspirational photos

unding Circle's brochure in detail with title – We believe in those made to do more
Funding Circle's Reception with the new logo
Funding Circle's entrance with the phrase 'We are building a better financial world'
Funding Circle's value wall Think Smart
unding Circle's brochure in detail with title – We believe in those made to do more
Funding Circle's value wall Stand Together
Funding Circle's value wall Live the Adventure
Funding Circle's value wall Be Open
Funding Circle's Timeline
Funding Circle's Mascot with the phrase Made to hug mode

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