A bouy watching a football game

Rebranding for diabetes

Once my friends Claudia and Gabriel first approached me to rebrand their product I jumped into the diabetes world and I realized that living with diabetes is like being a football player. Because of a lot of training, players can jump, run, shoot in an almost automated way. You get better and better having excellent trainers.

Let's consider that the trainers are the doctors, but between 30 minutes medical appointments you are all by yourself. There is where Glic comes, to make live of people who have Diabetes a bit easier or, at least, less annoying.

Glic is a portal that started long ago as "GlicOnline" where people could add their carbs counting to a website and later an app. Even the idea and app where revolutionary for that time being, GlicOnline became obsolete since there was no more updates.

Glic Logo
Floating phones screens with the new design and new app idea
A animation that shows how Glic's logo was built.

GlicOnline is now Glic

One of the actions was changing also the name. At the same that this was a bold action for a stablished brand for the Brazilian (or Portuguese language) market, also shows its renewal, a new era.

The idea behind the brand is as if you had a friend you could count on the though times. You can totally live with diabetes, but doesn't mean it's fun. Glic not only translate numbers into actions, but help people.

In addition, the logo was developed thinking of how this could work only as an icon for smartphone's app. The G is formed by the diabetes circle symbol that comes with a smile.

Photography, style guide

There was no commissioned photography budget, so we went to Pexels and Unsplash and collected pictures that would connect the human touch – friendship/family – with technology. Another important point is to emphasize that doesn't matter that you have Diabetes, you can do whatever you want to.

The colours are based on nature and the "Brazilianness".

Four rounded masks showing the colours selection – Sky, water, an Arara and grass – blue and green.

Typography had for titles "Gloria Hallelujah", adding a personal touch and Lato for longer texts and readiness, both fonts are also webfonts and work across all brand contact.

Gloria Hallelujah font example Lato font example
Two women sitting on grass looking into the landscape that is formed by two mountains
Four girls using nice clothing walking from a gas station and laughing.
Four girls using nice clothing walking from a gas station and laughing.
A young man working in a kitchen with chocolates.
an illustration that has a word cloud in a funny way of things related to diabetes

Base illustration for business cards and some ads.

The other stuff

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